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GIS Website Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIS Website?

Based in London, England, from 2007 to 2009 (LLP partnership number OC334106), and Wellesley, Massachusetts, from 2010 to the present, GIS Website is a systems integration consulting group that builds web-based collaborative spatio-temporal systems coupled to relational or semantic data models. GIS Website evolved from Local Knowledge Consulting, a geographic information systems consultancy founded in 1995 by Jonathan Lowe that provided spatial data conversion, GIS application development and interactive spatial website implementation services to San Francisco Bay Area public and private clients.

What does GIS Website do?

GIS Website designs, builds and integrates spatio-temporal technologies in collaboration with application developers and data modelers. This typically means enhancing an existing non-spatial data management system by integrating spatial data into existing data models, or enhancing an already spatial system with temporal and/or semantic capabilities.

For more technical detail, see our Services page. For examples of past engagements, see our Examples page. GIS Website also publishes technical reviews to demystify buzzwords for ourselves and our customers.

How does GIS Website make money?

GIS Website charges our customers for systems review, design, build and integration services. Our customers request both simple and complex assistance, ranging from product evaluation to architectural reviews, from data modeling to complete system design, build and integration. Our rates vary depending on the extent of involvement and commercial or non-commercial nature of each project.

Is GIS Website affiliated with any software vendors?

No. GIS Website is an independent systems integrator whose strongest loyalties are to our clients and to the quality of our own work. On past projects, we have applied both commercial proprietary and free open-source software in our solutions to achieve the best match to each client's goals and constraints.

How can I contact GIS Website?

To contact GIS Website, please send an email to: info at giswebsite dot com.