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City of Oakland data set: BART station architecture--selected stations

Who maintains the data for this layer: Thomas C. Bernritter--W.T.S.

Data Maintainer Phone: (510) 988-8022

Who converted the data into a GIS format: Jonathan Lowe

GIS Technician Phone: unlisted

Size of GIS layer (KB): 97

Size of export file (KB): 97

Where is the layer stored (on the k-drive): k:\gisdata\trans\bart_dwg\*.dwg (15 CAD drawings)

This GIS layer was last updated on: 12/31/96

This metadata was last updated on: 3/20/97

This layer's FGDC category description is: Transportation

Data Set Description: This dataset is comprised of sample AutoCAD files with plan, elevation, and section views of BART station architecture (for the Coliseum, Fruitvale, and San Leandro stations only).

Non-standard Attributes in table:

  • No non-standard attributes (AutoCAD format).

Data Source History: Thomas C. Bernritter of Western Technical Services (303 Lennon Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94598) supplied sample drawings for three BART stations: Coliseum, Fruitvale, and San Leandro. The drawings are in their originally submitted form--AutoCAD, version 12, DWG format--directly accessible to PC ArcView.

Quality Check: No quality control procedures were performed on these drawings.

Security restrictions: Caltrans has requested that these layers not be released to the public--internal use only please.

Update Frequency: No updates planned.

Update process: Update process is not yet defined