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City of Oakland data set: Meteorological data collection stations in Bay Area

Who maintains the data for this layer: Ronald L. Baskett

Data Maintainer Phone: (510) 423-6731

Who converted the data into a GIS format: Jonathan Lowe

GIS Technician Phone: unlisted

Size of GIS layer (KB): 118

Size of export file (KB): 148

Where is the layer stored (on the k-drive): k:\gisdata\other\meteor.e00

This GIS layer was last updated on: 2/28/97

This metadata was last updated on: 3/20/97

This layer's FGDC category description is: Governmental Units

Data Set Description: This layer contains the point locations of 116 Bay Area meteorological stations derived from a 1993 survey by Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Attribute data include the monitor height and the effective radius of data collection for each station. The layer is included in Oakland's Basemap suite of data in order to inform responders where the nearest reliable weather data can be collected given any incident location.

Non-standard Attributes in table:

  • U_ID--Provides user with a unique identifier number for each polygonSITE_NO_: Site number as designated by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
  • CLASS_CODE: For BAAQMD use in categorizing sites.
  • SITE_NAME: Name of meteorological data collection site.
  • SOURCE: Which agency supplied information about the site. Codes are: BAAQM=Bay Area Air Quality Management District-Meteorological; LLL=Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; NPS=National Park Service; PG&E=Pacific Gas and Electric; CARB=California Air Resources Board; CDWR=California Department of Water Resources; WCC=Woodward-Clyde Consultants; FAA=National Weather Service-Airport Site; MMS=Minerals Management Service; BAAQA=Bay Area Quality Management District-Aerometric; GLM=Ground Level Monitoring (Industry); MCFD=Marin County Fire Department; NWS=National Weather Service-Coastal Report; WPCP=San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant.
  • EF_RAD__MI: Effective radius (a subjective measure of a site's representativeness) in miles.
  • MON_HGT__M: Monitor height in meters.
  • UTM_EAST__: Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates (Easting) in kilometers.
  • UTM_NORTH_: Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates (Northing) in kilometers.
  • ALB_EAST__: Albers Easting coordinates in meters.
  • ALBS_NORTH: Albers Northing coordinates in meters.

Data Source History: Ronald L. Baskett, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, FAX'ed spreadsheet containing Bay Area meteorological stations coordinate listings in UTM projection, NAD27, to Jonathan Lowe, Local Knowledge Consulting, on March 14, 1995. Jonathan typed the coordinates into a text file and then converted them into Cal Stateplane, NAD83, units feet, using Arc/Info's projection utility and two custom AML's called "utm2spc.aml" and "nad2783.aml." He then geocoded the points using ArcView's coordinate geocoding functionality.

Quality Check: No quality control activities to date.

Security restrictions: No security restrictions.

Update Frequency: No updates scheduled

Update process: Update process is not yet defined