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City of Oakland data set: Zoning

Who maintains the data for this layer: Thomas Casey

Data Maintainer Phone: (510) 238-6316

Who converted the data into a GIS format: Jonelyn Whales, Jonathan Lowe

GIS Technician Phone: unlisted

Size of GIS layer (KB): 896

Size of export file (KB): 2020

Where is the layer stored (on the k-drive): k:\gisdata\cadas\zoning.e00

This GIS layer was last updated on: 12/9/96

This metadata was last updated on: 3/20/97

This layer's FGDC category description is: Cadastral

Data Set Description: This layer contains boundaries delineating land uses, such as residential, commercial, industrial and special district zones.

Non-standard Attributes in table:

  • U_ID: Provides the user with a unique indentfying number for each polygon in the layer.
  • ZONING2 = Specific zone identifiers (e.g. R-50, C-30, S-4, etc.)

Data Source History: Beatrice Duffy (formerly of OPB) supplied 358 mylars with zoning, parcel, and street lines and labels to Jonelyn Whales for data conversion to GIS format. Jonelyn scanned the mylars, registered their tic-marks to hand-typed coordinates (Cal StatePlane, Zone III, NAD83) taken from the existing sewer grid. RMS error was limited to 2.0 or less for each image. The images were then rectified (without a clip).
Jonelyn captured the zone lines via heads-up digitizing in ArcView 2.1a on an RS/6000 workstation. Lines that were not correctly snapped were discovered and corrected in ArcEdit by Jonelyn Whales prior to cleaning the coverage to establish polygon topology.
Then attributes were added by editing the zoning coverage's table using ArcView 2.1a on the RS/6000 in conjunction with background mylar scanned images. Some areas were classified as unzoned if the labels were unreadable or overly ambiguous as to the area they were intended to label on the mylar.
Using the attributes in the ZONING2 field, Jake Schweitzer (In Situ Mapping) annotated all zones using Arc/Info's annotation utilities. The subclass (TEXT) contains only one level of annotation.

Quality Check: No quality control history to date.

Security restrictions: No security restrictions.

Update Frequency: Quarterly or as indicated by Thomas Casey, OPB

Update process: Jonelyn Whales (OPB zoning department) updates linework and attributes of layer using Arcview 3.0. The updated shapefile is transformed into a coverage and redistributed.